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    The bot I choose was Incestuous Older Sister located at it starts off our conversation by giving a link to a video which is no doubt an ad, than the chat robot states the following

    Good morning Sweetie! *giggle*
    I hope you don’t mind, but we have the house to ourselves ’til tomorrow…
    I figured I’d just wear this skimpy little vest and panties.
    Aaaahn *blush*
    Well… it looks like the huge erection in your shorts has no objections. *giggle*

    My first question was

    “hey babe how is it going”

    Which the bot responded with in less than 1 second

    You’ve made your sister so horny that she can’t think straight… *giggle*

    – Maybe she can think better if she’s got something to suck on? Hint hint.

    My response was

    “how about my cock?”

    Which than the robot responed by saying

    Hmmm… did you just say something about your c***, little brother?
    [Without warning your sister tugs your hard-on firmly through your tight undies.
    She moves her sultry lips devilishly close to yours as she stares into your eyes with a smouldering and challenging gaze.]
    … big, hard, monster of yours.
    What would you want your own dear sister to do with this enourmous thing?

    This was very interesting as the robot picked up on the word cock and instantly through back a line about my cock. This robot was a lot fun to chat with over the course of our 5 minute chat and was very smart about reading keywords i wrote out and responding to them with erotic phrases. The fact it runs an ad at the beginning instead of the end of within the conversation kind of annoyed me but quick response times and good erotic literature made chatting with this robot a lot more fun than others overall i give this robot a 7 out of 10

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